Monday, March 21, 2016

Book Review from Oh My Bookness :SZEN ZONE: Reaching a State of Positive Change by Gary Szenderski

SZEN ZONE: Reaching a State of Positive Change

By: Gary Szenderski 

Book Description:
Szen Zone is a compilation of heartwarming and inspirational short stories.  

The general overarching theme of the book is change and all of the aspects of it - creating, surviving, and managing change with the goal to recognize the power we have to create positive change in our lives and be what we want to be.  

Topics covered include productivity, letting go of the past, embracing the potential of the future, and learning to take chances. 

If you are a fan of short inspirational stories like those in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, then this is a book you would certainly enjoy. Wherever you may find yourself in life, you will discover an insight or example in this book to help you change course and take charge of your life. 

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SZEN ZONE: Reaching a State of Positive Change
By: Gary Szenderski 

Review by: Oh My Bookness 


March 21, 2016

 Today's society if not everyone but most people live in a stressful environment. School, work or even putting yourself out to find something that’s not whole in your life. Or maybe you’re experiencing a change in life and you’re not quit sure how to handle it. Well Gary Szenderski is the author of ‘Szen Szone’, a self-help book, or also a guide to help with the quality of life. It encourages taking chances, honesty and don’t be afraid of what tomorrow will bring. Have a positive perspective of life. This book is made up of short stories in each chapter that explains ideas, hope and remedy of the content of the topic. This author shares his endeavors and knowledge to share with the reader. I recommend reading this book at a comfortable speed so you can embrace the message that the book is delivering. Szen Zone is not like all other books, it's not sermonic but inspiring easy to read and enjoyable. What's special about Szen Zone is that you can choose whatever chapter inspires you. I fully enjoyed reading this book, it gives great motivation and a self-help guide.

About The Author:
Gary Szenderski is an author, speaker, teacher and branding specialist, internationally acclaimed as an expert on the subject. He specializes in helping people and organizations to navigate change, and frequently speaks and writes on the topic of emerging brands, personal branding and companies in transition. Gary is an award-winning writer, author of the Book of Szen, often quoted marketing expert, and recipient of the Distinguished Instructor Award from the University of California in Irvine where he teaches branding. He resides in Southern California and welcomes your comments. Email him at

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